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UK Java Programming Assignment; Unique Types of GUI Menus

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GUI is common terminology for scholars pursuing java programming. It's a common area of study that students have to encounter before graduating. GUI interface in programming is commonly used in displaying data and images without a command window. For students with determination, this is the most straight forward area of study. It's easy to grasp fundamental concepts involving GUI menus. The student can efficiently operate GUI menus with the same command line during MCiDAS session. That is done by typing GUI in its active menu bar and toolbars to be displayed in MCiDAS windows. GUI Menus are unique because they can’t be replaced with other components of UI. The menu only pops up in a menu bar which contains one or two menus. These menus are dependent on underlying location at the top of a window.

  1. The display menus. It’s used to display images with real-time data. Also, it can check the weather watches and warnings
  2. The file menus. The menus are used to update the ADDE servers to save frames of different formats of images and opening the briefing windows.
  3. Configure menu. It’sused in framing images and updating the shortcut buttons.
  4. The color menus. This menu option is used in the modification of images, colors, and free handed drawing.

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